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rolling_chokey's Journal

No Good Stuff
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96 tears, american beauty, anger, anne boleyn, anxiety, bittersweet symphony, black, botched plastic surgery, brain chemistry, bright eyes, brokeback mountain, child beauty pageants, cholera, coffins, crying, cults, darkness, death, death of a salesman, death row, diarrhea, didn't get the job, dog pounds, edgar allan poe, edward scissorhands, elliott smith, emptiness, erich maria remarque, eugenics, failure, fell onstage, forgot my umbrella, francesca lia block, funerals, gained 10 lbs, garbage, glass half empty, goths, grief, guantanamo, had a bad christmas, hamlet, hate, headaches, hell on earth, homophobia, horror movies, i wasn't invited, insomnia, iraq, isolation, jail, jd salinger, jonbenet ramsey, lanugo, lipstick smeared, loneliness, lonely nights, losing, loss, lost kittens, lost my keys, low expectations, lurlene mcdaniel, mary bell, mary queen of scots, memories, mental illness, messing up, metallica, migranes, misery, missing children, morrissey, natural catastrophes, nazism, nightmares, nobody loves me, nostalgia, not in shape, old yeller, pain, penpal didn't write, phlegm, poachers, pompeii, portishead, poverty, pressure, rabies, racism, rain, regina spektor, rejection, requiem for a dream, roger waters, romeo and juliet, rosemary's baby, sadness, scabies, secrets, sexism, slavery, sleeping, smelly cat, stale food, stubbed my toe, suicide, susanna kaysen, that sinking feeling, the andrea doria, the apocalypse, the bastille, the bell jar, the blues, the challenger, the columbia, the crusades, the cure, the donner party, the elephant man, the fugue, the holocaust, the party sucked, the pasta burned, the salem witch trials, the sixth sense, the smiths, the swan, the tenant, the things they carried, the titanic, the trail of tears, the wall, the war, the-perks-of-being-a-wallflower, thirteen, tim burton, todd solondz, torture, tragedies, ts eliot, typhus, ugliness, ugly puppies, unquenchable thirst, unrequited love, van gogh, vietnam, what never was